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A writer.

A dancer.

A former martial artist.

A dreamer, survivor, and aspiring novelist.

I write the stories about people who do more than just survive  in hard times -- they excel, thrive, and inspire others to thrive as well.

Put on your shoes and share the journey!

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Adventures in Dance

Girl Dance Barefoot

Take the first steps on the dance floor with a few unlikely dancers.

Read about my adventures when a I wandered into a dance studio instead of a martial arts studio and found answers to problems I didn't realize needed to be solved.

Learn about the dangers of becoming too hydrated.

And many, many more tales of people who dared to step outside of their comfort zone.

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The Healing Power of Dance

Women Connection Field Trust

Between October 2017 and September 2018, I wrote an online magazine called "Ballroom Dance Connections." The stories in this publication took readers on a journey behind the scenes with many dancers. 

Some are dance royalty. Others were not well known, other than to their own dance families.

Their inspiring stories, and other stories of people who have used dance to heal, to survive, and to thrive, are in this section.

Find Their Stories Here

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