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Susie R Spann: Who, What, and Why

Who Is Susie R Spann?


Susie is a Marine Corps veteran who studied journalism, radio & television communications, martial arts and ballroom dance. Between assignments she keeps her skills fresh by taking writing courses and interviewing people who use dance to overcome disabilities.

Susie has written articles for the San Diego Reader and the Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studios Corporate magazine, inStep. She focuses on projects that provide positive information, encourage participation and interaction, and promote healing.

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What Does Susie Do?


Susie  writes for you so you can focus on other important issues for your business.

Are you in the process of opening a new business or developing a new project and need someone to write copy for you? Consider some of Susie's skills. 

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Why Does Susie Write?

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Susie understands the need to connect with people through clear, concise language and fresh techniques.  For her, writing is a passion not a chore. 

Through her personal experiences with family, childhood friends, and her adult 'dance family,' she knows that life doesn't just hand out lemons; sometimes it throws them. When that happens to a business owner or a manager, it is helpful to have someone who can take over tasks such as writing weekly posts, business documents, and projects with a creative edge.

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How can Susie help you?

Whether it is a one time document or an ongoing project, Susie has a service to fit your business.

Susie R Spann: I Write For You